Pamela Holmes, B.Sc., P.T., S.E.P.


Compassionate, trauma informed, confidential and effective care for

                                              Acute and Chronic Conditions

                                                                           including but not limited to

Complex/persistent pain

Soft Tissue Injuries  eg ankle sprain etc


TemperoMandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

Fibromayalgia (FM)

Post MVA (Motor vehicle accident)

Headaches, back and neck  pain



Stress Management and Anxiety


  • Visceral therapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Pain Science Education/Biopsychosocial Approach
  • Breath and Yoga
  • Functional Exercises and Self Care Practices
  • 867-393-2610

My work integrates over thirty years of deep knowledge of the human body, current pain science and hands on expertise to help you recover function and reduce pain.

I have had a lifelong curiosity about the human body and more recently my studies have explored the role of the nervous system in prolonging pain and injury.

My path has taken me from craniosacral therapy and visceral therapy to pain science/the biopsychosocial approach and yoga teacher training.  I have recently received my Somatic Experiencing certification, a three year programme studying a body based approach to trauma.  The work of Stephen Porges on vagal nerve function known as polyvagal theory ties these various approaches together.

My hands have developed an intuitive touch and wisdom over many years of a bodywork approach.   
Best Chance Corner

I enjoy helping people understand their body and their relationship to the environment in a new way, developing their strengths and integrating new habits and skills to arrive at more ease in life and in activities they enjoy or to achieve new goals.

I approach each person with respect for their personal experience and knowledge, and a curiosity that drives my assessment to investigate beyond the current presenting symptoms. I aspire to acknowledge and understand the loss, fear, and grief that people may be experiencing.   I am constantly inspired by the persistence, resilience and creativity of my clients and their willingness to explore new avenues. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness and be a part of that journey.

Continuing Education

Stay tuned.

What People Say

 I was looking to an alternative approach to Physical Therapy.  I was hit by a car in 2015.  Occasionally the right quadriceps will tighten, very uncomfortable!  Pam released the quadriceps and I didn’t have to keep on going back to get the muscle released!  I find the treatments amazing. Very gentle treatments!   I purchased a Body Scan CD, that is used often.  I learned so much about my own body and how to take care of  it.  Thank you! 
Patricia King , Whitehorse

I would give Pamela Homes 5 stars.  After struggling over a three year period with pain in my knee, numerous trips to the Doctors, and many x-rays and physio appointments later, I continued to lose full extension of my knee and had now acquired pain in the ball of my foot. Before I went to see Pam I had become very concerned about my abilities to maintain mobility.

After my sessions with Pam I am now pain free, able to extend my knee, and comfortably continuing with my hikes up Grey Mountain road on a daily basis. I see Pam now for what I refer to as Personal care/maintenance. Because I no longer need work on either my knee or my foot I have started to pamper myself with her Craniosacral therapy. This therapy is absolutely lovely putting one into a state of total relaxation. My words to Pam: “It feels like a massage for the spirit”.

Beverly W, Whitehorse

I’d love to be able to come up with something really profound Pamela but I can’t.
I still tell people that you are the lady with the magic hands!
– Thelma P. , Whitehorse

Pamela is a wonderful practitioner!  Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, relaxing and therapeutic modality to help the body heal from both physical and emotional stressors.  Tension and pain melts away  during these safe and non-invasive treatments and we are so fortunate to have Pamela living and practicing in Whitehorse.
– Eileen B, Whitehorse

 My experience has been softening of severe pain, restored balance within my body, and an improved sense of well being.
– Margaret N, Whitehorse

What makes Prime Meridian valuable to me is that Pamela helps me relate the troubles within my body to what is going on in my work or personal life.  I get perspective on what I have to change in my life in order to improve conditions within my body.  I appreciate the care that goes beyond traditional physiotherapy. 
–M.R., Whitehorse